Radiant Transit Techonolgy

Radiant Transit Techonolgy

Up-to-date technology allows society to improve on methods or processes used to carry out an endless array of plans: most of today’s jobs are nearly impossible to execute without it. Radiant Transit understands this ever-growing need and has incorporated new and innovative technology into its systems, helping all of its processes run smoothly while ensuring the comfort and safety of their clients. Radiant Transit’s intensive cleaning process makes great use of this technology to ensure all of their vehicles are kept to the highest possible hygienic standard. An ultraviolet-based cleaning and disinfecting system helps exterminate any potential DNA or RNA that derive from bacteria and viruses. UV light is a well-studied antimicrobial tool that has proven highly effective in disinfecting and sterilizing surfaces. In fact, Radiant Transit never uses technology that hasn’t been thoroughly tested and proven to work.

Radiant Transit also uses a negative pressure purification system to ensure the air you breathe is free from airborne particles. This system traps these particles in an enclosed air pocket, purifying the air and making it safer for every client to breathe. Because of its ability to help contain the infectiousness of airborne diseases, negative pressure purification is also prevalent in the medical field. Radiant Transit’s integration of these and other types of technology helps both its customers and staff have a safe and healthy experience. In the future, Radiant Transit plans to utilize even more innovative technology to ensure their non-medical transportation vehicles meet the requirements in order to guarantee the safety of all.


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