Spotlight on Radiant Transit CEO Michel Dubuisson

Spotlight on Radiant Transit CEO Michel Dubuisson

Michel Dubuisson is the CEO of Radiant Transit. He has worked in the medical field since 1999, and has been involved in hospital setting and transportation since 2004. At the start of his career, he had to wait for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) to drop patients off at the hospital. These transporters often arrived late or didn’t show up at all. This disvalued patient health as well as medical professionals’ time. Unfortunately, this was business as usual in the NEMT field: according to the Center of Health Care Strategies (CHCS), it is not uncommon for patients to miss appointments due to unreliable transportation. If these transportation vehicles do not show up on time, hospitals can struggle to manage the flow of patients through their system, resulting in a longer wait time. According to CNBC News, about 85% of patients reported waiting up to 30 minutes past their scheduled appointment time. 

Today, Dubuisson understands that many patients depend on their doctor appointments in order to sustain healthy living. One of his main goals is to ensure that Radiant Transit drivers arrive punctually at every turn. From pick-up to drop-off and everywhere in-between, he keeps a constant line of communication so that patients no longer have to worry about arriving late or having to reschedule these crucial appointments.

Dubuisson also saw a critical need for high-quality NEMT during the COVID-19 pandemic. He noticed that when a patient used a common form of NEMT transportation—especially ride-sharing—they became exposed to illnesses, including COVID-19. Most patients who use non-medical transportation tend to belong to at-risk groups: the elderly, disabled, or chronically ill. Michel Dubuisson’s Radiant Transit aims to save lives by becoming one of the few transportation organizations that conform to CDC guidelines. Many factors can make it difficult for patients to find reliable transportation. Regardless of the reason, Dubuisson has put his medical background to use and started Radiant Transit to put patients before profits, and to ensure people can find quality transportation they can rely on time after time.

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