The Need for Non-Medical Transportation for the most vulnerables

The Need for Non-Medical Transportation for the most vulnerables

At over 19 percent of its population, Florida has the highest percentage of elderly (65 years of age and above) of any state in the US. Unfortunately, its public transportation system is focused on urban areas and is not interconnected, making it difficult for people of any age to travel among various areas. As it pertains to the elderly population, this presents a unique problem when it comes to finding transportation to their doctor’s office, pharmacy, nursing home, or clinic. The dependability of public transport itself depends on the accessibility of its facilities: having to travel several miles to get to the nearest bus stop defeats the purpose of the bus stop. Unfortunately, friends and family are not always readily available to help. 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation relieves the pressure on the elderly to find rides and the stress on their loved ones worried for their safety. Radiant Transit removes the anxieties plaguing these vulnerable populations by providing safe and comfortable Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. Radiant Transit operates along Florida’s Gold Coast, including West Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties.

The safety of their clients is their first priority. Patients are well-cared for from the first contact until they arrive at their destination. Radiant Transit drivers have been trained to remain with the clients and ensure quality care until the work is done—meaning the client has reached their destination safely and without issue. Vehicles are regularly and thoroughly sanitized before and after all rides, ensuring patients can enjoy a clean, stress-free ride. Radiant Transit is a perfect fit for any senior citizen who needs transport to appointments, or post-surgery pick-ups. With the help of Radiant Transit, the added stress of finding transport to these facilities is a thing of the past.

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